About me

I love cheerful people, the sun, children and I like to create in a good mood. I was very influenced by both schools. For ceramics, especially decorating ceramics and painting on porcelain. Thanks to that, I developed the creation of decorations. The school of animation was a great benefit to me in breathing life into decorations and scenery. However, my father brought me to the very beginning. I gained a lot of experience from him and to this day we consult and help each other.

Chocolate Bruges
Interior design of shops, Bruges, Belgium

Voice belfry in the centuries, Roudnice nad Labem
Production of an exhibition with a panoramic view of the Baroque Roudnice

Art cours
Blueprint, drawing, painting, nativity scenes, angels ...

Podřipský nativity scene, Bechlín
Scéna a rekvizity

TV Nova nationwide television
Internship for a domestic news editor

Mělníček.TV regional television
Regional redaktor

Tomas Bata University
FMK Classical animated works

SPŠK Bechyně
Art processing of ceramics and porcelain

Water castle and town, Budyně nad Ohří
Scenography, props, full-time gifts from the city, historical prizes for period competitions

Czech Republic 
Paintings for private houses and residences

Hell's mines
interior of the infernal realm

Empire Terezín Memorial
Preparation of the exhibition Franz Peter Kien

Souvenir shop
Inn on Mount Říp

Bowling club Račice
Wall paintings

Channel club Mělník
Wall paintings

Restaurant Mánes, Krabčice
Wall painting

Club Hrádek